Message to the Youths

Allow me to tell you this. Being a youth in Nigeria in this present age and time is undoubtedly one of the most trying, frustrating and traumatizing experience in the world.

The penury, subjugation, joblessness and political abyss into which we have been thrown overtime by a cluster of factors makes it almost topic to visualize an existence devoid of these ills or foolhardy to aspire for greater or better opportunities.

The perennial plight of the Nigerian youth is exacerbated by the nonchalance and insensitivity of government at all levels. This is regardless of some of the lackluster effort in the past and present by the government to cut some ice with the youth by creating a space for popular and energetic participation of the political, social and economic affairs of the nation

Pre-independence Nigerian youths were reputed for their bravery, diligence, pro-activism and a sense of brotherhood. These ebullient predecessors were able to carve a niche for themselves because they refused to be overwhelmed by the trying circumstances of their time and took the proverbial bull by the horn.

So what gave? What explains the dynamics of change which has seen the Aluta spirit of youths cowered and seemingly defeated? The answers are manifold and vexatious. I wish to simply highlight some of them.

The dynamics includes systemic or institutional fiasco, political exclusionism, low standard of education and a truncated unionism. There is also the wave of the erosion of core moral values, the lack of much need exposure and political education and so much more.

It is important for us to realise and hold to heart the important truth that we must creat our opportunities and not wait on the same class of people perpetuating our continuous subjugation to feed us crumbs. The age of political and economic activism is now and it must resonate with body of youths nation-wide.

Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu  Realist is a Youth Development Advocate, Journalist and Politician.

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