Nigerian Chronicles – Youth Must Arise

Every single individual who yearns for a better Nigeria and positive change must be worried now. We are currently at a critical crossroad in the history of our country. If we miss the opportunity of this change, our narrative would simply continue along its monotonous, gloomy and tragic course. An opportunity at hand is worth a thousand simply dream’t of. I think we should all be concerned. It is after all, our Commonwealth and health in dire straits.

Since independence it has been a chronicle of raised and dashed hopes and expectations on whichever side of the political divide in Nigeria, it has always been an ellipse of the benefit of the political class and their rigorous perpetuation to the detriment and misfortune of the downtrodden. The present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is no exception despite its claims to the contrary and even more glaringly so as it unfolds.

The political space has continued to parade the same elements decades after decades, same characteristics with little or no marked changes and this is no in all the registered and deregistered political parties, exactly all. They were our leaders yesterday, still so today, most probably tomorrow and forever if nothing gives. Well, something has to.

It could be theorised that perhaps, this is so because outside these political actors no other better models of political leadership can be found in the polity, or that the people so led are so enamoured of their leadership quality so much that a change is neither pondered nor desired.

The proximity of the truth of the above theoretical assertion would be as between the north pole and the south pole. It would be mendacious, an audacious far-cry and in itself an offence against the sensibilities of the Nigeria citizenry’s.

Our leaders must now demonstrate the real change we need in the total cybernetics of our society as the elastic limit of our tolerance have been reached and passed, enough is indeed, enough.

Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu – Realist is a youth Development Advocate, Journalist & Politician, Resident Of Abuja, Nigeria.
WhatsApp: +2348029719070.

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