The Resilient Nigerian Spirit

It has indeed been a period of transition and tests for us all as individuals and citizens of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. As I travel around the country driven by my outreach, seminars, Political and entrepreneural workshops with regular Nigerians, I listen to their concerns about unfulfilled expectations, frustrations and sometimes disillusionment. Yet I still see the excitement, determination and hope on their faces. This truly inspires me. Nigerians are resilient people, a time woven strait Resplendent in our cultural and national fabric, and in more ways responsible for our continued survival as a nation, difficulties and challenges notwithstanding.

My story is similar to that of so many underprivileged Nigerians of my generation-born and wrapped with the shawls of penury and despair and aware of the crushing realities of my station darting at my sight, I ploughed through childhood with my dreams and aspirations for comfort, defied the stratification of class to join my voices with the few straining against injustice and inequality in the realms of economics and politics. I have never since looked back nor compromised on the ideals and principles that have shaped my interactions with my immediate and remote world. And I am happy about it.

It Is for the reason that the 2023 elections is about the youths. It is about ensuring that we emancipate ourselves from Political stereotypes and becoming more socially and Political responsible to the country. I worry today, that many of our youths who, given the opportunity, would have ameliorated the sad state of the nation, too often had their aspirations stilted by an avalanche of opposition bred in the very society we live in.

This is why we must rally together, hoisteering our banners high for our strength is as much in our resolve as in the strength of our Unity.

Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu – Realist Is a
Youth Development Advocate, Human Right Activist, Public Interest Journalist & Politician.

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