Youth Arise – The Time is Now

It’s about time that the youths of this time and age rose to the challenge and refuse to accept hand outs or less than merited. As our experiences shows, the political arena provides us with an opportunity to join the gray in making hay for the future. We must strike to make inputs to challenge the status quo, the ills, the country is caught in the throes of a recession brought upon it or better put, exacerbated by a government whose one and only popularity is hedge on the precedents of its principal.

As I keep reiterating, we have eminent on us a new opportunity. As the country continues to undergo knocks and economic quackery, it is important for us to begin now to prepare to correct the ills and mistakes made at the previous polls. We must galvanise around men of unblemished records with the right political and economic acumen for Office, visionary and imaginative. We must identify and do away with the political crooks who have the gift of the gab and those with the curse of the purse who entice us with sweet words and manifestos on election days ensnare us with tokens from their criminal purse to hand our future and mandate to them.

Arise Nigeria Youths!!!

Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu  Realist is a Youth Development Advocate, Journalist & Politician, Resident Of Abuja, Nigeria.

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