Revolution Untold- Freedom

Over the years in this Nation, the challenges for peace and freedom have eluded us. Over the years, the challenges of progress and unity have denied us. Over the years, our attempts at becoming a nation and reaching out to heights of self-fulfilment has escaped our realizations. Over the years, our desires and dreams of a virile, great and self sustaining independent nation have crashed before our eyes. What then is the problem?

Our failures over these years could not be attributed to lack of manpower or managerial skill in our nation. Our failures over these years could not be because of death of humans, physical and materials resources, which God has prodigiously endowed us with, our nation greatly endowed with human resources, What then is our problem?

If our problems could not be lack of natural resources, what then is our problems? The problem of most of the nation’s in Africa, can never be properly understood and interpreted outside the abuse of Office and bad leadership for decades, the Military authorities fueled by gross, selfishness, greed and lust for power have caused grave and devastating problems in this Nation.

We have witnessed decades of military authorities in the name of leadership…we have desired, acquired and manipulated power, contrary to the right principles of it. The manipulation of power has being directed towards personal uses and conveniences.

Power Intoxication became synonymous with most Africa leaders. The results are dictatorial and tyrannical government, a suppression of opposition and imaginary goes with sights.

They insisted by their act that, power once given or acquired by what means must be monopolized and consolidated by all means; opposition and critics must not be tolerated, but must be subdued and dispensed with, there were no negotiations, consultations or compromising of position of power by our then Military autocrats.

Freedom is not given, freedom is taken. Prepare to experience Revolution Untold.

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