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Dear Nigerian Oppressors

Dear Nigeria Oppressors.

I bring you revolutionary greetings from the intellectual tower’s of THE LIMIT BREAKERS WORLDWIDE (TLBW).

The black man certainly has to pay dearly for carrying the white man’s burden(George Padmore 1936)

I am pretty sure none of you envisage a day like this, when your money will be useless, your visa won’t be able to take you beyond Nigeria shore’s, when you will be forced to take Patient card in that local disgusting and dilapidated hospital facilitaties like Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital, when you and your family will have to look up to God and only God Almighty for miraculous intervention to save your lives and not your foreign medical specialists.

I hope you will recall that at every instance we the ordinary citizen are pushed to the wall and we decided to act to press home our basic demands for living, you respond Aggressively and activate the state agent or instruct military to deal with us.

NMA complained of poor welfarism and health facilities in the country, you ask them to quit Nigeria if they can’t shut up.

ASUU/ASUP complained of poor funding for institution and research Centers, you replied no work no pay.

Tuface Idibia Call for National protest Against Bad Governance, you activated state Agent to silence/ forced him down or he gets detained

Omoyele Sowore dam the consequences, he call for revolution now against incompetent people around the power corridor, you showed him the state power till tomorrow is answering case at Federal High Court.

Corona Virus (Convid19) is here to asked you why and how you have managed Nigeria Health and Education Sector hence you are positive of the virus, no where to run as such no place like home.

If truly you did well as you always contract some gullible to sing your praise on media, am sure by now you know the truth, if no the real result is within you and your household.

Convid19 has started from Health Sector by asking how many functional health facilities with modern day incubators you procured for the nation and he will surely further ask if you have any functional research institutes to find posible cure for the virus.

Please will you activate the state agent to arrest Convid19 too for Exposing your incompetency?

Where is your security operatives who you always use to Intimidate the Oppressed citizens?.

This is Natural Revolution
This is Preamble to Judgement Day
This Is Mini Judgement Day
Is either you turn a new leaf and believe that no one is more Nigerian than Nigerians. Be Humble. Ok.

Will you now Divert the misplaced National assembly renovation budget to revive our Health Care System Nation Wide so at Least we can have a functional health care facilities in 774 LG with free accessibility for all Citizens?.

Will you please share the CBN 1.5 trn intervention fund for all Citizen to procure food items to stay back home fully and curtail the spread of Convid19 as well equip our research/education institutions for optimal performance delivery? .

It’s my wish and prayer, that we all survive this time together, so we can all start a new page again.




God is the supreme
More days like this are ahead
Let reset Nigeria
Treat citizen with respect
Restore Nigeria to the path of Glory
Fix our Education and Health Sector.

Yours in struggle,
Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu – Realist.

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