With the high chances of people getting this deadly virus COVID-19, everyone starts taking preliminary actions in other to avoid getting infected by the virus and then going to a much higher quarantine than they are now. Serious actions towards preventing this deadly virus is being carried out by citizens all over the world. Washing of hands, wearing of nose masks, keeping the environment clean, avoid crowded places and everything else that’s noted out to be ways of not getting the so called CORONA VIRUS.

With everyone doing everything possible to turn the table around looking for cures and everything else. I feel like we became less human to some certain things, but still trying to make it feel like it’s the right thing to do, here in Nigeria where most cases that’s been found are not up to 50 not compared to bigger and more developed countries like ITALY, UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and CHINA. Seems to me that we are going too extra.

CORONA VIRUS is pandemic yes, but still dose it mean that Everyone are suspects of carrying this diseases? Can’t someone have a malaria or cold that could result to coughing and running nose with you painting them as corona victims? I lately enter a public vehicle and a passenger coughed and as supposed to be covered his mouth and sneezed on his elbow which was correct but still people had to overreact, 90% of the passengers that were in the bus left without reaching there destination which made me conclude, we NIGERIANS we jump into conclusions quickly without hesitation I get the fact that we all want to be safe but it dose not mean that we should forget the fact that we are all brothers and sisters the statement 1NIGERIA should take its full effect.

We should help more in reducing the VIRUS by helping our self’s not killing some ones self esteem. Remember stay safe and follow every thing one is needed to follow to be safe from the action. We pray for the quick recovery of the world and every nation that’s gratefully attacked.


Akachukwu Onyiah

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