Not trying to invoke fear into my readers but I think it’s my right to express my self and bring to limelight the goings of our leaders in this country NIGERIA. With the case of the pandemic virus increasing here in Nigeria to a 131 cases and only 2 death recorded within this month and the restriction of our economical activities that’s create earns meat for ourselves and family, a lot of things are meant to be kept under serious consideration.
With the information we keep on getting from different sources and the unnecessary rumors that keeps on flying round causing higher confusion we have not being able to step our foot down and give this virus our all in terms of destroying this diseases we advise less of fake news In our country. Times have passed and we have not yet heard from the president of our country weather if actually his negative to all charges of him being contacted with the COVID-19 virus or not, this one of the questions that’s ponders in the mind of an average Nigerian citizen or is it that he dose not want the country to know his status is this right? Why are they hiding information from us? Is he really positive or negative we want to know .After his encounter with one of his officials which was later discovered to be a carrier of the disease which now created high curiosity in the mind of the citizens up till now we don’t know the endeavours of our president. Well we all expected constant communication between the federal government and the citizen rather media house that’s were allowed to the presidential villa were limited is that so? other presidents are always in constant communication with there citizens trying to reduce the spirit of fear which actually is the main problem here not really the pandemic virus. We want to be cleared, we want to know if the president of our nation is well enough, a president that hides information from his citizens because of personal gains is not fit to be our president follow your own mandate #CHANGE.
Another issue that we are facing in this period which may create serious problems is the lack humanly needs and food supplies. That saying LAZY NIGERIANS Is not going to help the government this time, of course we know it’s not the fault of the government that we are in this problem but this why we choose them to rule us for them to bring solutions that could help us in the time of serious crisis’s. Some of the citizens don’t have any means of creating earns meat especially when they have families, there small time jobs have being stopped by the govt in order to stop the flow of the virus but how would they find food to put in there table this was what should be on there mind. But luckily some government and top class business men have donated to this effect others should emulate both in kind and in cash you may ask how? by obeying the laid instruction given by WHO and other health agencies about this disease and stay Indoors, wash your hands, use alcohol based sanitizers and be safe.

Akachukwu Onyiah

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