Spawn Movie in Talks With Actor Big Enough to ‘Blow Up the Internet’

Even as Hollywood is at a standstill, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane hinted at a possible big-name actor joining the reboot

“About a month ago, I had a big fish,” McFarlane told “I just about got him on deck, right? It was the one that some people misheard and said I lost Jamie, it was like no an addition, an addition. But we lost him and those are always frustrating because whenever you got the fish out of the water, pull them up on deck and the line breaks.”

Despite losing one potential big name, though, McFarlane says the possible replacement could be even more lucrative.

“We got an offer out to, I think, a bigger fish,” he continued. “So, there weren’t too many bigger than the first guy, but anyway, we’ll see. If I could’ve got the last guy, it would’ve been a home run. If I can get this guy, it will be a grand slam. This one will blow up the internet. So, we’ll see. I don’t know.”

Talks of the Spawn reboot have been going on for years, with not only Jamie Foxx attached in the titular role but Jeremy Renner playing Detective “Twitch” Williams. Production was set to start in June 2018 but hit a snag with the script.

Written and directed by Todd McFarlane, Spawn stars Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner. The film has yet to receive a release date.

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