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A tale of two bags!!!

ORDINARILY, her name does not ring a bell. And even as politics goes, she is not even a belle. But she is trying to bell a bad cat. An APC cat.

The task is to divert the attention of  Akwa Ibom State from high and sublime issues of development. Blessing Osom Edet is going junk and prurient. If she is a party face, she is also the APC façade. She wanted to represent the people under the APC in the state house of assembly, and the people spurned her. And now, her idle mind is accusing the government of parsimony. What does that mean? That Governor Udom Emmanuel’s government is not opening the state coffers for lazy drones. She wants a rebirth of stomach infrastructure, Akwa Ibom style. It has spun attention and a flurry of backlash on the social media. She is invoking corruption as an instrument of governance.

Because of that alleged stinginess, the allegation says women are now bidding farewell to their marital vows to bow to men of means in the PDP with their husbands’ tacit consent. She is, in essence, demonising a whole generation of Akwa Ibom women as citizens of what novelist Henry James calls “the big, bright Babylon.” They have abandoned God and their faith for filthy lucre. Evidence? She has none. What a self-indictment! But many are saying her cry is not about money, or faithless wives, or conniving husbands, but about 2023.

Haba! If they want to focus on a battle for the next set of electoral champions, do they have to invent ghost stories? Why not focus on the issues, and not tissues of lies. Why make a bedlam out of marital beds, or lies about who lies with whom?

Issues abound to tackle rather than who sleeps with whom? First, why is there a bout of tranquility in a state in which blood and death was routine. A man of peace put an end to an era of human waste. Rather they are romanticising the pre-Emmanuel era of Ghana-must-go bags. They want it back. Well, if we recall, it was an era of two bags: moneybags beside body bags; deaths and dollars. But Governor Udom Emmanuel said he has come so his people may have life and have it more abundantly. They should take him to task on that. No news of shootings at churches, or at homes or rallies. Is that not true?

He is staking claims at making an industrial hub of his state, from coconut refineries, to syringe factories and metre hub, etc. With Ibom Air, he has lined the Nigerian sky with its top-of-the-line aircraft. Any counterpoint? We should focus on facts, not phantasmal delirium that fuels tabloids and the nadir regions of the internet.

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