It takes a lot to keep a relationship running, the mental capacity, physical sensors, the emotional stability, the spiritual vibrancy the right words, actions, advice, motivation.
Its takes a lot of bonding, communication, understanding, listening, prayers, compromise, forgiveness, letting go, trust, commitment, sincerity, sacrifice, being sensitive, willingness and many other things that you get to find out as you continue to travel this path.

Note: it could be similar but never the same what is appreciated in relationship A might be a nightmare in relationship B issues are also handled differently because no two human being are the same even twin shares different likes and traits, let alone a man or woman from a different family, background, culture, belief, community it takes a lot of patience to blend in.

No man or woman is perfect we just learn to adjust ourselves to fit into the journey we have embarked on, it is important to identify the difference between you and your spouse and try to blend with them so as to ease the tension in the relationship, these can be done efficiently and effectively by consistent communication and having healthy arguments and building trust between you.
It important to know that love alone doesn’t sustain a relationship it is never enough to build a relationship solely on one virtue, when a foundation of a house is to be built cement isn’t used alone, sand alone doesn’t serve the purpose but pitting in equal proportions of gravels, sand, water and cement makes the foundation firm and strong for a believer (prayers, studying, listening and the holy spirit) are the foundation for a firm relationship or marriage

When the foundation of a house is sure the next important aspect is the pillars which are all linked to each other and arranged to firmly hold a particular part of a relationship pause and think what the pillars of my relationships are or what will be the pillars of my relationship?

When building your relationship its important you are conscious of the materials you’ll use to set up the foundation and build up the pillars.


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