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Stay Safe, Stay together, Stay United

It is no news to anyone that these last few months have not been the easiest, to say the least.

CONVID-19 has already claimed the lives of over 400,000 people Worldwide while nearly 6.5m cases have been reported, particularly Nigeria has nearly 11,000 cases and 314 deaths already.

Many countries are still on full and partial lockdown while travel bans are currently in place by the majority of countries as Nigeria is no exception.

This is the time for all of us to get together and unite. Let’s really try spending quality time with our families at home and dedicate time to inner work.

This is very challenging times for Us. Despite the partial ease of lockdown issued by the FG, please still maintain Social Distancing in public places, wash your hands regularly, use sanitizers and wear your nose mask always. If you don’t have anything viable doing outside, please stay at home in quarantine and help frontlines medical practitioners to assist all the people infected and in need. Let’s not burden them in this critical period more than they already are. It’s all about perspective.

By staying at home and observing the underlined rules of staying safe, we will not only hopefully help to slow the spread of this Virus but we will also give ourselves a chance to truly address certain emotions and subconscious programs that have been suppressed and ignored over time.

I do hope nonetheless, that you and your families are staying safe and mustering the strength and courage we all need to get through this.

Please treat people around you like you would treat yourself. God bless you all. We will be stronger and more United. Certainly.

Barr. Chiedu Ugbo
Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd (NDPHC)

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