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Icon Nixon Yearns for Peace- Message to Nigerian Youths

My constituency is already in colossal shambles but then we must shield our sword as youth of common pain and consanguinity. It’s indeed not commendable, with the actions of the Government on her citizenry’s, I strongly condemn the extrajudicial killings of our country’s youth, leaving the living with blighted hopes as the future isn’t assured. It’s a firm promise, I am giving to my constituency, (Youth Constituency), that we are prodigiously taking up the issues on ground, soonest we shall come out with a lasting solution that will benefit our constituency as it’s wise we sue for peace to reign again as we re-strategize on ways to engaging the government rather than the current state now. For the meantime, I appeal to all and sundry youth across the country, with all humility as I share a common pain with you, it’s time we pull back as ADR remains valid in times like this. Together we shall build this nation and make our dear Country the envy of all. Peace & Unity we pledge. God bless Nigeria. God bless Nigeria Youths.

Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu – Realist

Youth Development Advocate

FCT Chairman

National Rescue Movement -NRM

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