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    Shang-Chi: Ed Brubaker Reacts to Rumors [SPOILER] Is Hero’s Father

    Every comic book adaptation takes creative liberties with its original source material and the upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings appears to be no different. While the comic book Shang-Chi is the son of pulp literary villain Fu Manchu, the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation is rumored to be the son of the Mandarin, portrayed in the film by Tony Leung, as the film’s central antagonist. Eisner Award-winning comic book writer Ed Brubaker, who pit Shang-Chi against his father during his acclaimed Secret Avengers run, commented on the rumors that Marvel Studios had potentially changed the martial arts superhero’s to the Mandarin. “Well, that’s obviously a rights issue. Fu Manchu was a…

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    Spawn Movie in Talks With Actor Big Enough to ‘Blow Up the Internet’

    Even as Hollywood is at a standstill, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane hinted at a possible big-name actor joining the reboot “About a month ago, I had a big fish,” McFarlane told ComicBook.com. “I just about got him on deck, right? It was the one that some people misheard and said I lost Jamie, it was like no an addition, an addition. But we lost him and those are always frustrating because whenever you got the fish out of the water, pull them up on deck and the line breaks.” Despite losing one potential big name, though, McFarlane says the possible replacement could be even more lucrative. “We got an offer out to, I think,…

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    Spawn: Jamie Foxx Is Reportedly Still Attached to Todd McFarlane’s Reboot

    Despite speculation that Jamie Foxx was no longer the star of Todd McFarlane’s planned Spawn reboot, the actor still appears to be attached to the project. In an interview with Shoryuken, McFarlane said, “we had an academy award-winning guy who was going to do the movie with us, but he fell off.” Naturally, this led many to believe Foxx, who won an Oscar for his role in Ray ComicBook, had dropped out of the comic book adaptation. However, has since confirmed the individual McFarlane was referring to was a writer and not Foxx. Foxx signed on for Spawn in May 2018 after apparently pursuing the role for years. “I had done all my research on Spawn,” he said soon after he…

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