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    Icon Nixon Yearns for Peace- Message to Nigerian Youths

    My constituency is already in colossal shambles but then we must shield our sword as youth of common pain and consanguinity. It’s indeed not commendable, with the actions of the Government on her citizenry’s, I strongly condemn the extrajudicial killings of our country’s youth, leaving the living with blighted hopes as the future isn’t assured. It’s a firm promise, I am giving to my constituency, (Youth Constituency), that we are prodigiously taking up the issues on ground, soonest we shall come out with a lasting solution that will benefit our constituency as it’s wise we sue for peace to reign again as we re-strategize on ways to engaging the government…

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    My Culture

    Culture is an integral aspect of every society regardless of the religious beliefs of its people. This is sufficient to say that there is no society without culture and culture cannot exist in isolation. Haven known that culture is an embodiment of both arts, customs, beliefs and values that characterize a particular society or nation, it is therefore, pertinent to note that, the concept of culture in Africa, generally and in Nigeria particularly cannot be overemphasized, it has tripartite sides which are the good, the bad and the ugly.My culture and the girl-child from the perspective of the Igbo nation has been one that has always streamlined and relegated the…

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    Stay Safe, Stay together, Stay United

    It is no news to anyone that these last few months have not been the easiest, to say the least. CONVID-19 has already claimed the lives of over 400,000 people Worldwide while nearly 6.5m cases have been reported, particularly Nigeria has nearly 11,000 cases and 314 deaths already. Many countries are still on full and partial lockdown while travel bans are currently in place by the majority of countries as Nigeria is no exception. This is the time for all of us to get together and unite. Let’s really try spending quality time with our families at home and dedicate time to inner work. This is very challenging times for…

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    The Casualties!!!

    Man’s society is such a blend of the good, the bad and the ugly. Each staring us on the face consecutively or at the same time and in the process, revealing our humanness, our human frailties, weaknesses and foibles. Social realities as we know sometimes if not most times come and fade with the passage of time, with the spirit of a new age and, if perhaps some social realities have been with the existence of man, it is worth mentioning that not all have been rampant or in vogue. These social realities do not exist in isolation; man propels it, he sets it in motion because there is a…

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    The Post-Covid-19 Surprising Contingencies

    Can anyone truly proclaim accurately the exact strategies that will work post-covid-19? Humanly speaking, I think not! We can sure make calculated guesses and chart our entry/exit strategies but we must prepare to have surprising contingencies. Let me give this analogy: In reinforcement learning, a subset of machine learning, a model learns by interacting with a dynamic environment where it is expected to take a sequence of actions with a goal to maximise cumulative reward. For each action, it gets an immediate feedback (or reinforcement) from an “interpreter”: a positive reinforcement (reward) for a right action (e.g., correctly predicting something), and a negative reinforcement (punishment) for an incorrect one. At…

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    HE MADE ME A GRADUATE- Icon Nixion Odimbu speaks

    Let me simply say thank you Barr. Chiedu Joseph Ugbo for your unflinching love and limitless support throughout my University Education (Diploma/Degree). Opening my notepad to write you this piece, I have struggled about what should be the title. I thought i should say ‘EDUCATION’ or ‘LOVE’ as an attempt to unravel the phenomenal you have become yet I may not do enough because those that have defined ‘EDUCATION’ & ‘LOVE’ without your perspective might have committed intellectual sucide. And if I say ‘DESTINY HELPER’, I would only end up making this about me but of course it’s beyond me, for your selflessness have an impressive broad base and reach.…

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    5G!!! Coronavirus!!! Here is what i think

    A lot of people have asked me for my point of view on 5G, especially in light of the controversies. And until yesterday, I didn’t make any public comment on the subject. I will now do that here, and I will approach the issue from a strong professional standpoint and share some of my reservations as well. I have decided to refrain from connecting the subject to eschatology (Biblical study of end-times), because I’m dealing with a mixed audience here. If you want my perspective, as a thorough student of the Word, on what possible connection(s) there could be between 5G and the one-world government which the antichrist will introduce, you…

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    Corona virus: President Buhari told to reject 5G network immediately Bu Dino Melaye

    A former lawmaker representing Kogi West senatorial district at the National Assembly, Senator Dino Melaye has told President Muhammadu Buhari to publicly reject the launch of the 5th Generation (5G) network. Melaye claimed that the 5G is a global economic strategy introduced into the global market purely for economic gain without due regards to human lives. Dino Melaye tweeted, “The real problem is not the coronavirus but the 5G that has been deployed which have some chemical reactions to human cells which eventually manifest as the flu. If this is the problem why is the world not speaking against it? He queried. Why are they still deploying 5G technology all…

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    Coronavirus: Pastor Chris makes fearful revelations about COVD-19, new vaccine, 5G, antichrist [VIDEO]

    President of Believers Love World also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has linked the Coronavirus pandemic and 5G network to antichrist. Pastor Chris said the pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network which is gradually gaining attention across the world. The cleric said that what is making a lot of people sick at the moment is the 5G. He said with the 5G, the Coronavirus, also called COVID-19, and the vaccine, the new world order will achieve its aim of connecting the entire world with the mark of the beast. Pastor Chris, who was preaching to his congregation on a live TV programme, said that…

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    A forecast of the post-covid new world order

    Five things that are likely to change as a result of the pandemic that has shaken us all up The challenge when it comes to predictions is that if you get it right, you’re called a genius, and if you get it wrong, an idiot. So I am fully aware that writing this piece is highly risky, but I also think it is important to offer a perspective. I believe that the argument is never between a right and a wrong, but between two rights. Therefore, I would be delighted if people considered this as one point of view and not the holy truth. It seems pretty clear now that…

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