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    Icon Nixon Yearns for Peace- Message to Nigerian Youths

    My constituency is already in colossal shambles but then we must shield our sword as youth of common pain and consanguinity. It’s indeed not commendable, with the actions of the Government on her citizenry’s, I strongly condemn the extrajudicial killings of our country’s youth, leaving the living with blighted hopes as the future isn’t assured. It’s a firm promise, I am giving to my constituency, (Youth Constituency), that we are prodigiously taking up the issues on ground, soonest we shall come out with a lasting solution that will benefit our constituency as it’s wise we sue for peace to reign again as we re-strategize on ways to engaging the government…

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    Is Red Meat Good or Bad for You?

    What About Today’s Meat? People have been eating meat throughout evolution and have digestive systems well equipped to handle it. Traditional populations like the Masai have eaten much more red meat than the average Westerner but remained in excellent health (1). However, the meat consumed today is different than the meat people ate in the past. Back in the day, animals roamed free and ate grass, insects or other foods natural to them. Picture a wild cow on a field 10,000 years ago, roaming free and chewing on grass and various other edible plants. The meat from this animal is different than the meat derived from a cow that was born and…

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    N1.2b ‘debt’ suit against CBN, four banks

    A Federal High Court in Lagos has struck out a suit by the Muhammad Shitta-Bey family of Lagos seeking to recover a N1,275,351,167 billion judgment debt from Great Nigeria Insurance Plc, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and four other banks. The four are: Wema Bank Plc, First Bank Plc, United Bank for Africa Plc and Polaris Bank Plc, in a suit marked FHC/L/CS/180/2020. Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo on Wednesday, April 30, found no evidence that judgment debtor/applicant Great Nigeria Insurance and the five other garnishees owed the Shitta-Bey family the sum as judgment debt. The family, represented by 11 members on February 25, 2020, approached the court claiming that the…

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    A tale of two bags!!!

    ORDINARILY, her name does not ring a bell. And even as politics goes, she is not even a belle. But she is trying to bell a bad cat. An APC cat. The task is to divert the attention of  Akwa Ibom State from high and sublime issues of development. Blessing Osom Edet is going junk and prurient. If she is a party face, she is also the APC façade. She wanted to represent the people under the APC in the state house of assembly, and the people spurned her. And now, her idle mind is accusing the government of parsimony. What does that mean? That Governor Udom Emmanuel’s government is…

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    Are We Now The 5k Naira Republic?

    This is not what it is supposed to be. It has seen its plum days. It did not only rule; it reigned. It did not strut like the dollar or the pound when I was a child, but its notes rustled with promise. The naira huffed and puffed. It was worth its weight in gold. When we transitioned from the pound to the naira, we chanted and hoped. In memorable notes, Baba Sala gave us minstrelsy performances in jingles and dance, celebrating and delineating the various naira notes. One Naira was a lot to hold. A thousand naira was a salary of big men. Company managers in the 1970’s earned…

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    HE MADE ME A GRADUATE- Icon Nixion Odimbu speaks

    Let me simply say thank you Barr. Chiedu Joseph Ugbo for your unflinching love and limitless support throughout my University Education (Diploma/Degree). Opening my notepad to write you this piece, I have struggled about what should be the title. I thought i should say ‘EDUCATION’ or ‘LOVE’ as an attempt to unravel the phenomenal you have become yet I may not do enough because those that have defined ‘EDUCATION’ & ‘LOVE’ without your perspective might have committed intellectual sucide. And if I say ‘DESTINY HELPER’, I would only end up making this about me but of course it’s beyond me, for your selflessness have an impressive broad base and reach.…

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    Coronavirus: Pastor Chris makes fearful revelations about COVD-19, new vaccine, 5G, antichrist [VIDEO]

    President of Believers Love World also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has linked the Coronavirus pandemic and 5G network to antichrist. Pastor Chris said the pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network which is gradually gaining attention across the world. The cleric said that what is making a lot of people sick at the moment is the 5G. He said with the 5G, the Coronavirus, also called COVID-19, and the vaccine, the new world order will achieve its aim of connecting the entire world with the mark of the beast. Pastor Chris, who was preaching to his congregation on a live TV programme, said that…

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    A forecast of the post-covid new world order

    Five things that are likely to change as a result of the pandemic that has shaken us all up The challenge when it comes to predictions is that if you get it right, you’re called a genius, and if you get it wrong, an idiot. So I am fully aware that writing this piece is highly risky, but I also think it is important to offer a perspective. I believe that the argument is never between a right and a wrong, but between two rights. Therefore, I would be delighted if people considered this as one point of view and not the holy truth. It seems pretty clear now that…

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    Dear Nigerian Oppressors

    Dear Nigeria Oppressors. I bring you revolutionary greetings from the intellectual tower’s of THE LIMIT BREAKERS WORLDWIDE (TLBW). The black man certainly has to pay dearly for carrying the white man’s burden(George Padmore 1936) I am pretty sure none of you envisage a day like this, when your money will be useless, your visa won’t be able to take you beyond Nigeria shore’s, when you will be forced to take Patient card in that local disgusting and dilapidated hospital facilitaties like Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital, when you and your family will have to look up to God and only God Almighty for miraculous intervention to save your lives and not your…

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    10 Biggest Houses in the World

    1. Nottoway Plantation The Nottoway Plantation comes next as the biggest houses in the world. Built-in 1859 by John Hampden Randolph, this historic building remains the largest plantation in all of America with 53,000 square feet (4,900 m2) of floor space. The building is located close to White Castle, Louisiana, United States. It is currently owned by Paul Ramsay and has a total of 64-rooms with 165 doors and 200 windows. The building, which has a Greek Revival and Italianate-style, is currently used as an inn popular tourist attraction. 2. Carolands Chateau First on our list is a 46,050-square-foot, 4.5-floor mansion owned by Charles and Ann Johnson. The Johnsons who…

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