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    Feeling Hungry After Eating: The Why and What to Do

    Hunger is your body’s way of letting you know it needs more food. However, many people find themselves feeling hungry even after eating. Many factors, including your diet, hormones, or lifestyle, can explain this phenomenon. This article helps explain why you may feel hungry after a meal and what to do about it. Causes and solutions There are several reasons why some people feel hungry after a meal. Meal composition For starters, it could be due to the nutritional composition of your meal. Meals that contain a greater proportion of protein tend to induce greater feelings of fullness than meals with greater proportions of carbs or fat — even when their calorie…

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    Preparing for Fatherhood: Ways to Get Ready to Become a Dad

    Whether you’re still dealing with the shock or you’ve been waiting for this moment for years, finding out you’re going to be a father is a life-defining moment. It’s normal to have a mixture of feelings, from pure joy to outright terror even if this is something you’ve always wanted. In all honesty, it’s hard to ever feel completely prepared to become a father. However, we’ve got some ideas for you as you await your little one’s birth and also to put into place in the exciting-yet-tiring, exhilarating-yet-exhausting months to follow! 1. Start your research You may not be the one who is physically carrying the baby, but that doesn’t…

  • President Barack Obama used a legal pad to handwrite many of his presidential speeches, like this one seen of a speech he gave in Oslo, Norway, in December 2009. Notice the notes he wrote in the margin. BARACK OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY
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    Why Do You Think Legal Pads Are Yellow?

    Comic Jerry Seinfeld, former national security adviser John Bolton and the late American author Pat Conroy are just a few of its millions of devotees. We’re talking about the quintessential office supply the legal pad. It’s simple, professional, cheap and instantly recognizable. Part of its lure is the unwritten rule that legal pads are for adults only; some people describe a feeling of satisfaction when they finally reach the point where they’re “sophisticated” enough to use them. After all, legal pads equal important business. The most recognizable characteristic of a legal pad? The yellow color. But why are they yellow? Good question. To answer it, though, requires a brief explanation of its…

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    HE MADE ME A GRADUATE- Icon Nixion Odimbu speaks

    Let me simply say thank you Barr. Chiedu Joseph Ugbo for your unflinching love and limitless support throughout my University Education (Diploma/Degree). Opening my notepad to write you this piece, I have struggled about what should be the title. I thought i should say ‘EDUCATION’ or ‘LOVE’ as an attempt to unravel the phenomenal you have become yet I may not do enough because those that have defined ‘EDUCATION’ & ‘LOVE’ without your perspective might have committed intellectual sucide. And if I say ‘DESTINY HELPER’, I would only end up making this about me but of course it’s beyond me, for your selflessness have an impressive broad base and reach.…

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    We’re Getting Closer to the Quantum Internet, But What Is It?

    It will interest you to know that back in February 2020, scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago revealed that they had achieved a quantum entanglement  in which the behavior of a pair two tiny particles becomes linked, so that their states are identical over a 52-mile (83.7 kilometer) quantum-loop network in the Chicago suburbs. You may be wondering what all the fuss is about, if you’re not a scientist familiar with quantum mechanics that is, the behavior of matter and energy at the smallest scale of reality, which is peculiarly different from the world we can see around us. But the researchers’ feat could be an…

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    What If!!! i Tell You the Difference Between Toilet Paper and Tissue?

    Your nose is running, so you run to the restroom for a tissue and then realize that familiar cardboard box is empty. What’s a nasal-drip sufferer to do? Unroll a bit of toilet paper instead, of course. We may use tissues and toilet paper interchangeably sometimes, but the truth is, there are some important differences between the two — and knowing what they are could save you some hassle in the long run. Toilet paper and facial tissue are both made up of paper pulp, and both are meant to be discarded after a single use, but most of the commonalities end there. Facial tissue has a smoother surface than toilet paper, which makes…

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    Unbelievable!!! But It Took a Court to Decide Whether Pringles Are Potato Chips

    Chances are, you probably haven’t given much thought to that can of Pringles other than wondering “how do I get the last few potato chips out of the tube without greasing up my arms?” As it turns out, this salty snack has quite a story. It once was in the middle of a massive controversy that questioned the ingredients and whether the chips were actually potato chips at all. From 2007 to 2009, the makers of the “once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop” chips stood in front of three different levels of the British judiciary trying to defend the decision that Pringles chips were not — by definition — potato chips. Here’s how this comically complicated problem started. In the mid-20th…

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    How much do you think you know about about Colonel Sanders and KFC?

    With its crispy golden fried chicken, KFC is a staple of the fast-food world, sporting 23,000 restaurants in more than 135 countries. You don’t get that big without accumulating some myths and urban legends along the way. Here are seven that have been in the public eye for years but just aren’t true. 1. KFC Doesn’t Use Real Chicken In 1991, Kentucky Fried Chicken officially changed its name to KFC. The new version was shorter and snappier, nixed the world “fried” (which had a bad reputation), and omitted the word “chicken,” because the company planned to expand its menu with other foods. Still, some paranoid types decided that the real reason for the name change was…

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